Whether You Are Recently Uninsured, Looking For Better Coverage, Want To Change Your Plan, Or It’s Your First Time Buying Health Insurance, I Can Help You Find An Affordable Individual, Family or Group Health Insurance  That’s Right For You. My Major Medical Insurance Plans Give You The Secure Coverage You Need To Protect Yourself Or Your Family With The Best Individual Or Family Health Insurance. Even If Your Employer Offers Some Coverage, An Individual Medical Insurance Plan Might Still Be The Right Option For You. When You Select Your Own Individual Health Insurance, You Can Select And Pay For Only The Coverage You Need, As Opposed To The One-Size-Fits-All Approach Of Group Employee-Sponsored Plans. Even If You Move Or Change Jobs, With An Individual Health Insurance Plan, You Stay Covered Without Any Lapse Or Changes In Benefits. When Selecting Health Insurance and a health insurance plan, There Are Many Options; I Can Help Match You With The Coverage And Provider That Fits Your Specific Health Care Needs. It Is Important To Compare Overall Price, Level Of Benefits, Coverage And Limitations….And Out-Of-Pocket Costs Like Deductibles, Premiums, Co-Pays and prescription drugs. We partner directly with a number of large quality insurance providers to give our customers quality health insurance at low rates, many deductibles and coinsurance plans to choose from with quick enrollment periods to get their health insurance started.  We believe that everyone deserves access to quality affordable healthcare. Our plans, programs and benefits are designed with our customers’ time and money in mind. Getting the right kind of health insurance for individuals and families can be confusing and the affordable care act, the health insurance marketplace (The ACA, Obamacare) doesn’t help in any way. A constant maze which keeps evolving with misundertanding, penalties and smaller enrollment periods. We sell health insurance and we are licensed in Arizona, Texas, Ohio, Florida Illinois, Georgia and North Carolina. These states are a few of the states which are easier to buy Health Insurance with longer policy periods and smaller premiums. If you are a diabetic and have preexisting conditions we have policies that will accept preexisting conditions at low rates. Our top-rated Health Insurance plans have no waiting periods and also include Supplemental coverage which include “Accident/Injury” and “Major illness” benefits. These benefits give the Health Insurance policy VALUE as they can save the policy holder thousands in doctor and hospital costs. Medical expenses and monthly insurance premiums can be paid by your health savings account.  In the major cities of Phoenix, Flagstaff and Tucson there are numerous doctors, hospitals and providers as well as major cities within Texas, Ohio, Florida, Illinois, Michigan, North Carolina and Utah. The Aetna, United healthcare and the Multi-Plan provider lists are extensive as they are national PPO’s which is better than HMO’s and accepted nationwide. Health Insurance policies starting at $140.00 per month or less. These private health insurance policies offer peace-of-mind and include a number of excellent benefits. Short term Insurance which is available during open enrollment and outside of health insurance open enrollment includes low deductibles and max-out-of-pocket amounts in each policy. United Healthcare, Mutual of Omaha, Occidental life, National General are just a few of the quality rated Health Insurance plans offered in these states with low monthly premiums.  You Can Compare Plans Designed For You Now With A Free Individual, Family or Group Health Insurance Quote. Call Me Now For a Free Affordable Health Insurance Quotes From A Number Of Quality Nationwide Companies. ~GET COVERED NOW!~DIABETES & PREEXISTING CONDITIONS ACCEPTED!                                                             (Policies starting at $140.00 per month)

Also DENTAL/VISION/HEARING COVERAGE:  (Policies  starting at $39.95 TOTAL)      https://24024387.savewithdiscounthealthcare.com/


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